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A program committed to enriching the lives of diverse workers in the professional world. 

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Our pillars


The lack of leaders of color in corporate America isn’t due to a lack of talent: it’s due to a lack of opportunity and access.

The Initiative’s training program provides professionals of color opportunity to leverage themselves into positions of power, influence, and authority while retaining these professionals in the St. Louis region.

Over 30 of the region’s leading institutions have enrolled more than 180 of their minority employees in Initiative’s programs. 90 percent of our Fellows program and 75 percent of our Gateway Connections program graduates credit The Initiative with influencing their decision to stay and seek opportunities in the region.

All programs offer in-depth leadership and professional development; networking opportunities that cross racial, ethnic, and cultural lines; and lessons in effective civic engagement.


The Initiative convenes people committed to the recruiting, retention and advancement of multicultural talent. We convene thought-leaders, alumni and program participants on a regular basis for open dialogue and idea generation about multicultural talent.

Our events are inclusive of racial, ethnic and cultural individuals and groups. We engage a wide variety of individuals and groups who are representative of all walks of life…classroom to boardroom. Sample events are, but not limited to, candid conversation with senior leadership, leadership excursions, intimate setting to share thoughts and ideas, service projects and educational experience.


Businesses are challenged, at times, in providing solutions which need to be more tailored to their specific environment.  When that happens, the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative works with companies and organizations throughout the region to assist them in developing strategies and solutions in the areas of workforce diversity, inclusion and leadership development for their unique situation.

Our consulting work has been, but not limited to, the development of customized strategies, solutions and programs in the areas recruitment, retention, advancement of talent and identification of opportunity for civic engagement and service within the region. We work with your organization to develop a plan and the implementation of the solution in your company or organization.

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