Please join us in a round of applause for Fellows Alumni David Rogers of Brown Shoe.  We are pleased to announce that David has been promoted to Vice President, Real Estate Management.   David has over 20 years of experience working in Real Estate, specializing in lease administration and audit. David joined Brown Shoe in 1999 as Manager, Lease Audit, and in 2005 was promoted to Director, Real Estate Lease Audit. David has successfully led the budgeting and controlling of real estate costs for Brown Shoe’s 1,300 retail stores as well as all corporate real estate, totaling over 12 million square feet of commercial space.

A recognized leader in the industry, he currently serves on the National Retail Tenant Association (NRTA) Board of Directors where he teaches classes and gives presentations at national conferences.

Prior to joining Brown Shoe, David worked for Nine West and Edison Brothers in their Lease Audit departments.

In this new role, David will provide strategic oversight with planning and optimizing Brown Shoe Company’ s portfolio of owned and leased real estate.

Congratulations David on your new role!!! 

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