Launched in 2001, the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative assists area companies in building successful diversity and inclusion programs through training, convening, and consulting. The Initiative is made up of companies, organizations, and agencies committed to attracting, retaining, and advancing talented, and diverse employees. A diverse workforce and robust multicultural supplier programs are vital to the growth of the St. Louis region.

Workforce and supplier diversity are important for all businesses. Prospective employees, business partners, suppliers, investors, and shareholders are increasingly mindful of companies’ commitment to diversity and inclusion as a crucial component of business performance just as they examine revenues, growth, globalization, innovation, productivity, and profits.

Our Mission

To provide strategies for the business community that creates inclusion in the workforce for multicultural talent.

Our Vision

To create a more inclusive, welcoming, and successful environment for multicultural talent at all levels of St. Louis business.

Our Values

Education and Awareness — To inform and provide knowledge
Collaboration — To cooperate with willingness and eagerness
— To embrace and value differences
— To treat everyone with dignity and to show regard and consideration

“Great achievements are not born from a single vision but from the combination of many distinctive viewpoints. Diversity challenges assumptions, opens minds and unlocks our potential to solve any problem we may face.”

– Source unknown