Initiative Fellows Program Year Syllabus


Participants will be provided a framework to enhance their unique leadership capacity through shared knowledge, collaborative thinking, and relationship building.

September (8 hours)
Building a Foundation of Leadership Competencies

Exploring the work environment, its impact on career development and strategies for advancement.

October (8 hours)
Managing Your Leadership Brand

Defining and managing one’s “brand” identity to successfully respond to the stated and unstated rules for advancing in the marketplace.

November (3 day retreat – 24 hours)
Exponential Development for Leaders

Maximizing performance by analyzing the factors that influence effectiveness and developing a framework to strategically address them.

January (8 hours)
The Three Tasks of a Leader

Evaluating the significance of different leadership styles and how they impact success in the workplace. Identifying sources of conflict and transforming them into opportunities for constructive and meaningful outcomes.

February (8 hours)
Business Communications and Etiquette (Strategic People Skills): Communications as a Competitive Advantage

This session gives the Fellow the tools to navigate towards their goals with confidence.

March (8 hours)
Diversity and the Workplace

Identifying and discussing the business imperative for an inclusive workplace.


Participants will apply tools and strategies presented in the Fall/Winter sessions in targeted discussions.

April (8 Hour)
Strategic Leadership and Thinking

Learn to identify, create and sustain a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized and highly competitive landscape.

May (8 hours)
Strengthening Influence through Volunteerism and Philanthropy

Non-Profit and for-Profit Board Development – Training workshop exploring the links between board participation and leadership development.

June (8 hours)
Creating Powerful Partnerships

Case-based discussions to test strategies and develop solutions that address the challenges of a dynamic work environment.

July (8 hours)
Ethics and Leadership

Leading by knowing and doing what is right

August (8 hours)
Applying Knowledge to Create Lasting Success

Leveraging civic and community networks as strategic vehicles for career growth and advancement.

Culminating Event

Graduation ceremony and reception for the Initiative Fellows along with a conversation on leadership.