Nicole Tate

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Nicole S. Tate


Director, IT Applications – Corporate Services

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World Wide Technology, Inc.

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Information Technology

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September 1976

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62 Weldon Parkway

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Saint Louis

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12 years

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34 years

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Outside of my career and family, my biggest passion is mentoring and coaching future leaders. Before having children, I worked for over 10 years as a coach and a mentor at Matthews-Dickey boys club. In recent years, I have volunteered at Washington University to support activities for the Ervin Scholars. As my oldest child enters Kindergarten next year, I am looking forward to becoming an active participant in school organizations. I also believe that as member of any community, you have to take an active role in setting standards for your environment. Therefore, I was a co-founder of our neighborhood organization and I continue to look for opportunities to support the new leadership team. I am also working on a program to expose college and high school students to the various job functions within an IT department. In general, I consider myself fortunate to have had wonderful mentors in my life and I want to help mentor others to realize their passions and capabilities.

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Bhavani Amirthalingam

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VP, Information Technology

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World Wide Technology, Inc.

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62 Weldon Parkway

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Saint Louis

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Nomination Objective

Nicole Tate is a key member of the Leadership team here at World Wide Technology Inc. This program will help her to continue enhance her leadership and management skills and bring them back to the organization. The opportunity to network and build relationships with other leaders within the region will help broaden her perspective and help incorporate them into our leadership culture at WWT. The opportunity to take her leadership skills and serve the community will be a great way to give back to the local community as well. Her experience and strong leadership skills will be a great asset to the overall team and program and I would highly recommend considering Nicole Tate as a candidate for the Business Diversity Fellows Program.